The Journey Begins

    Abraham Vandal was born in Dutchess County, New York on September 27, 1758.   His Dutch birth name was Wendell but when he served in the Revolutionary Army they always referred to him as Vandal so he adopted that spelling.  He fought with General George Washington at the Battles of White Plains and Long Island and after the war moved to what is now West Virginia.
Wayne Vandal Masterson, in his retirement in 1973, began compiling a record of the descendants of Abraham Vandal and encouraged those still living to recognize their common ancestry by holding a family reunion in honor of Abraham and his wife Mary Dillon.  Since Abraham and Mary were buried in the Westlake Cemetery in Ansted, West Virginia most of the reunions have been held near Fayetteville every two years.
This web site is dedicated to maintaining the family interest and pride in our Revolutionary War hero, Abraham Vandal.   Over the years the spelling of the Vandal name has been modified by different families to Vandall, Vandale, Vandel, Vandell, Van-Del and Vandle but we are all descendants of Abraham Vandal. 

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